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3-6-9 Scalar Round Medallion

Price: $129.00

3-6-9 Scalar Enhanced Round Medallion

The Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Scalar Enhanced Round Medallion is infused with scalar frequency.  The volcanic lava rocks produces natural occurring scalar frequencies that helps restore the energy that has become weak in the body and helps negate the negative effects of the unseen electromagnetic frequency (ELF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  It is also embedded with five other compatible and beneficial frequencies that provide protection and positive benefits to the body:  Far Infrared Ray, NdFeb Magnet, Negative Ion, and Germanium.  The germanium frequencies help enhance the body's immune system;  the NdFeb magnetic frequencies help to stimulate the nerves; the far infrared reacts to warm the inner body thereby promoting relaxation;  and the Negative ions stimulate positive mood.

 The 3-6-9 Scalar Enhanced Round Medallion measures 3.8 cm in diameter, weighs 1.6 oz  and comes in matching gift box. Wear it around your neck or use it as a key chain. 

 It may be necessary to slowly introduce these powerful frequencies to the body so as not to over stimulate the cleansing activity. It is advisable in the beginning to remove the 3-6- 9 Scalar Enhanced Round Medallion at bedtime.  It is always advisable to involve your professional health practitioner in any health protocol you adapt in your lifestyle.


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