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8-Pc Cookworld Cookware

Price: $1,395.00
8-Piece Cookworld Set
• 1.5 qt Saucepot with Cover  (16cm   x 7cm)
2 qt Saucepot with Cover  (16cm   x 9cm)
4.8qt Stockpot with Cover  (22cm   x 12cm)
Medium Skillet with Cover  ( 20cm x 5.5cm)

STAY COOL HANDLES. The open construction of the handles in high finish makes for a more solid hold. The units are comfortable to carry, since the handles do not heat up. At the same time, they serve as practical holders for the lid.

TRIVET FEATURE. Using the Trivet Feature you can easily place your cooking units inside their respective covers. Avoid scortching your countertops and dining tables. Also keeps your food warm during meals.

COMBINATION COOKING.Need an extra burner? Now, you can stack cook your meals on one burner.  Save energy and free up burners for other cooking needs, especially during holiday season. There are over a dozen different Cookworld stack cooking combinations.

VAPOR SEAL.The lid is constructed to fit perfectly and to ensure that the cooking container is closed. The condensation groove takes in the hot humid air and forms a thin layer of water between pot and lid, which closes the pot almost air-tight. This means no evaporation and no unpleasant kitchen odors - the precious nutrients cannot escape!

AUDIO TEMPALERT KNOB.  When the temperature inside reaches the desired temperature for preparing foods without harming the nutritional aspects, the Audio TempAlert begins to whistle, alerting you to turn down the temperature.  No need to open the lid or stir the food to prevent scorching or burning. The convenient Audio TempAlert Knob eliminates the need for stirring or constant "pot-watching".

GREASLESS COOKING. Cookworld allows you to cook your foods the healthy, low-temperature way without water, fats, oils and grease and without boiling and steaming away precious natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

NO DRIP POURING. The edge of every Cookworld pot and pan is designed to ensure that there is no drip when pouring directly from the unit. This feature is particularly beneficial by reducing mess in the kitchen and eliminating the need to use ladles.

STORAGE.  Invert the covers of your cookware to easily stack multiple units for maximum storage space.

WARRANTY. Lifetime

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