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My Healthy Habits World

The original vision of Lady Rosemary Stone, the co-founder of Healthy Habits, is that Healthy Habits would be the one source for everything and anything scalar. Healthy Habits owns the proprietary process of imbedding the Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar Energies into any products. The original vision from Lady Rosemary when the Quantum Scalar energy and a simple healthy  lifestyle helped her survive a critical issue of congestive heart failure. Healthy Habits has been instrumental in helping thousands of people experience "a better way of living". And now it is time for the vision of Lady Rosemary to go viral, to become a global market place of "everything and anything scalar".

The mission is simple, a two fold mission to bring wellness to a sick world, one person at a time. That the vehicle of that wellness will be the very best products of integrity that we can provide, at a fair market value. The second part of the global mission of this company is to help you adapt a simple healthy lifestyle through informational  materials and coaching.  Sir Dr Thomas Stone, with his more than 35 years in natural healing ministry has made available these informations on the website.  He and his collegues  has more than enough easy and practical instructions for you to get well, stay well and be healthy.

In the next ten years, an additional $1 Trillion US dollars of the US economy will be devoted to the yet un-named wellness business, the business that will be proactive. People voluntarily becoming customers, to feel healthier, to reduce the effects of unhealthy drug induced aging, and to avoid becoming customers of the earlier stage approach to health.  With My Healthy Habits World, You, as Customer will have the benefits of rewards and rebates by using our products and services and telling your friends and family about it!



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