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Colon Cleanse

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Healthy Habits Colon Cleanse Formula

The longer the undigested foodstuffs and dried fecal material remain in the colon, the more fluids are drawn from them, thus making it even more difficult to accomplish normal elimination. Poor transit times through the colon are responsible for a variety of problems, most of which could be avoided by having a clean system and a program of regular herbal intestinal cleansing. The following are a few of the possible problems:

 Stretching of the colon wall by the old dried material and its accumulation, causing mechanical abnormalities.

  • Surrounding structures are affected, due to the malformation of pouch like structures.
  • Pressure is created in the abdomen.
  • Prolapsed colon, which is the drooping or sagging of the transverse colon.
  • A collapsed colon may occur when one or more sacs close in on themselves.
  • A redundant colon results when the colon actually folds back on itself.
  • When the “outpouchings” become inflamed, it is called diverticulosis.
  • Veins in the area of the anus may swell and become hemorrhoids.
  • One of the most common problems is that of constipation, from overly packed or old hardened fecal material that is stuck to the walls of the colon.


The end result of all these problems may be “auto intoxication” or, simply put, the body poisoning itself by maintaining a cesspool of decaying matter in the intestinal tract. The toxins that are released get into the bloodstream and may poison all systems of the body, leading to a number of diseases.


DR. BADER’S COLON CLEANSE product utilizes safe herbs that are not harsh to the intestinal tract while providing the support you need to have normal regularity. It is not a laxative but a mild acting herbal intestinal cleanser.


Each Serving Contains:

Proprietary Blend of Psyllium Husks, Bentonite Clay, Black Walnut Hull Powder, Oat bran Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Prune Powder, Aloe Vera Powder, L. Acidophilus, Apple Pectin Powder and Glucomannan Powder.



Disclaimer: These statements  have not been evaluated by the FDA or any regulatory board and are not to imply that any Scalar Enhanced 3-6-9  products cures, mitigates, treats or prevents any disease.

Important: We encourage you to involve your professional health practitioner in any therapeutic protocol you adapt into your life style.

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