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Colostrum 3-6-9

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Scalar Enhanced Colostrum 3-6-9

3-6-9 is the first fluid every mammal produces from the mammary glands prior to and immediately following the birthing of her new babies. This fluid that frequently begins to leak from the breast before birthing, is not milk, contains no milk, and is the powerful first food of virtually all mammals, whales, dolphins, horses, cows, goats, sheep and humans. This life giving and immune enhancing growth hormone enriched fluid is beneficial for all species of mammals.

Many cultures have used for thousands of years the colostrum of humans and that of other mammals to build strong immune systems and restore the youthful vitality lost to unhealthy aging, or injury. Colostrum was even the secret of the incredible youthful beauty of Cleopatra, her famous colostrum baths are recorded frequently in historical documentaries. So, science of modern day concludes that colostrum used internally and externally provides unique healthy elements not found from any other source. The Organic 3-6-9 Scalar Enhanced Colostrum is not just for babies; all ages and genders benefit from this 'First Food'.

The Healthy Habits Scalar Enhanced Organic Colostrum 3-6-9 is certified to be six hour (non-transitional) colostrum, organic in nature, nothing added (except for scalar energy), and nothing removed except for the water. Our 3-6-9 Scalar Enhanced Colostrum is Kosher, and encapsulated in organic two hundred milligram capsules. The capsules may be separated, emptied and the sweet tasting colostrum powder enjoyed directly in the mouth, or added to smoothies or healthy shakes.

Colostrum is the single most restorative whole food that nature provides. Before the mother's milk replaces this first fluid food of life, nature packs it full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fats and ash. This colostrum is balanced in vitamins A, E, B-12, B-3, B-5, B-6, Biotin, Inositol, Vitamin C and vitamin D. Add to this natural brew of life elements the Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium and Iron and you have a very distinct nutrient rich food that is the most absorbable life energy source you can conceive.

The nanotechnology infusion of Scalar Energy on the Colostrum 3-6-9  increases the absorbability of this complete food. And long after the fuel energy of the nutrients are burned up and consumed, the collective build up of the scalar energy remains in the body. So as a person continues to take the Organic  Scalar Enhanced Colostrum 3-6-9, the cumulative benefits will be enjoyed for a healthy and happy lifetime!

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