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Complete Colon Health

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Complete Colon Health is an effective blend designed to continually help remove the buildup of waste in the intestinal tract and maintain regularity. Included are ingredients such as fiber to help maintain regularity, absorptiive agents for toxins in the intestinal tract, intestinal scrubbers, probiotics and soothing agents for the intestinal lining. This product may be taken on a daily regimen for as long as desired.*

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend consisting of Psyllium Husks, Bentonite Clay, Black Walnut Hull powder, Oat Bran powder, Flaxseed powder, Prune powder, Aloe Vera powder, L. Acidophilus, Apple pectin powder and Gluccomannan powder.

Other ingredients: Gelatin magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. Black walnut.

 How to use: As a dietary supplement, take three (3) capsules daily.  
*These statemens have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"Life And Death Begin In The Colon"

                         Sir Dr. Thomas E. Stone


 In my most recent book, "Save Money On Toilet Paper With Clean Poop" I use this phrase of "Life and death begin in the colon" frequently. It was Dr. Bernard Jenson that popularized those words, and his research and his book on colon health is perhaps the greatest text ever penned on the subject of our digestive system, and the bodies eliminative organs with the most important being the colon.


 If the colon is sluggish, if a well formed effortless bowel movement is not experienced for each meal we eat a day, then we are simply storing and recycling toxic materials. It's the recycling part that is more disgusting that merely the conversational matter of our bathroom habits. Think about it, your lover has breath that smells like a sewer or septic tank. Guess what, it is! And another horrible thought, the "sluggish mind is a reflection of sluggish bowels". The thought of poop on the brain is as disgusting as a poopy breath from the one kissing me!


 Colon cancer is at epidemic levels in all parts of the world where the popular devitalized Western diet has replaced organic whole food dieting. With the popularized addiction to processed non organic sugars and soda pop beverages to wash down non-organic fibreless foods, and our intestines, and in particular the large intestines are constantly experiencing inflammation issues and the levels of toxic acidosis fermentative state make us all candidates for not just disease and cancers of the colon, but effect every part of our body and all chemical, hormonal and electoral processes of the body are stressed to the max because the main eliminative organ of the body is not functioning properly.


 One Pinoy Global commissioned me to formulate a proprietary whole food herbal remedy that would address all colon issues that the world on a lifeless diet are experiencing. The product is simply called, "Complete Colon Health", and as it says on the label just below the name, "Supports Digestion and Regularity for Complete Body Health." This whole food supplement is needed by everyone, and everyone will benefit from the specific nourishment it offers the digestive and eliminative system.


 We will not expand on all the benefits of each whole food herb as it is listed on the ingredient panel, but merely highlight a couple of the most important roles each food address.


1.) PSYLLIUM SEED HUSK: Psyllium seed husk is a partially fermented dietary fiber from the Platago Ovata. The fist noticeable benefit is that it increases stool weight and promotes laxation in stool and increases moisture content of the stool. Another noticeable benefit is that it acts like an emollient and lubricant for easier passage of stool, no more constipation. Evidence of this will be a more gentle bowel movement with little effort, softer stool, yet well formed.


 Another advantage of adding the Psyllium Seed Husk to the Complete Colon Health formula is the direct benefit of lowering bad cholesterol. The serum total and the LDL cholesterol concentrations being reduced by this dietary fiber may provide an alternative to drug therapies for some people.


2.) BENTONITE CLAY: Is without debate one of the most versatile therapeutic elements from nature. It provides far too many benefits to the entire body to mention here.


Bentonite clay is composed of aged volcanic ash found in different parts of the world, and has been used since the very earliest recorded history. The worlds largest deposit of therapeutic grade Bentonite clay is found near Fort Benton Wyoming, USA, hence the name Bentonite.


 Bentonite clay is historically known to balance the bacteria in the digestive tract as well as improve assimilation of beneficial nutrients. Also is known to bind toxic metals as well as parasites for elimination. Historically used also to lessen stress on the immune system thereby improving the white blood cell count in the blood to healthy levels.


 In addition to these benefits to the digestive tract and the elimination of toxins, Bentonite clay is also historically found to be effective in eliminating food allergies, food poisoning, colitis, viral infections, and as mentioned, parasites and microbial bacteria. And as expected, beneficial for treating all digestive disorders and is reported as an excellent aid in weight loss.


 Because Bentonite clay contains so many beneficial rare earth minerals the benefits from these minerals alone to our health far exceed our limited space in this report to expand on the benefits. What we can expect from the presence of all this mineral support is that the cells and tissues of the body are "reminerized", and this is very effective is offering our bodies protection from the many radiations we are exposed to daily as well as supporting an alkaline environment that is less subjected to disease and cancers. And I might add that the crystalline formation of the volcanic ash also holds the scalar and far infrared energies more completely, therefore giving the added benefits of the Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar infusion.


3.) BLACK WALNUT HULL: Although the many historical benefits of the black walnut also are far too numerous to mention here, we will highlight a few. The Black walnut is very popular for it's medicinal properties. This walnut has a very important place in folk and traditional medicines. The Romans referred to it as the "Imperial nut", as it was used to treat such a large variety of ailments. Because of the intense medicinal values the Russians to this day from the 17th century use it in hospitals for many different issues, particularly with the heart and all the eliminative glands and organs. The Native Americans historically for centuries have used the black walnut to cure various digestive and skin disorders.


 Historically the benefits to the heart, circulation and the brain have been well documented. There is enough information to fill a book on the health benefits of all parts of the black walnut. We however will focus on the benefits to the digestive system and in particular the colon. However, although we are using it primarily for the benefits to the eliminative process and colon health, many other areas of the body will benefit, and we can't help but recognize those added bonuses.


 Black walnut hull is very effective in helping to eliminate parasites from the digestive system, intestinal parasites including tape worms are killed from this natural food. And this may be do the benefits of increased oxygen and elevating the pH factor.


 The digestive system benefits also from the many beneficial fats, the complete Omega 3-6-9 is a dietary reward from the black walnut, and this accounts for the benefits to the brain and heart.


 Dietary iodine is the highest in the black walnut hull, and never before in the history of man have we needed more iodine in our diets. It is estimated that 70% of the population suffers from thyroid and Para-thyroid issues. Iodine is the nutrient of choice for nurturing the thyroid. The added benefits of the iodine also provide us more protection from the radiations from cell phones and wireless technologies.


 Black walnut hulls also act as a natural antiseptic therefore offers help for those that experience chronic constipation, intestinal infections and inflammation of the colon, including hemorrhoids. The black walnuts ability to oxygenate the blood sends many benefits to all regions of the body to help with skin disorders, kidney disorders, liver and lung disorders as well.


4.) OAT BRAN POWDER: Oat bran is recognized world wide as a valuable herb for medicinal properties, as well as a nutrient rich source for building a healthy body. It is a nutrient rich source for the vitamin B complex, so valuable for the central nervous system, the brain and glandular health. The minerals, the soluble fiber, the long chain and short chain proteins and beneficial fats make this a perfect food choice to add to our Complete Colon Health. And the benefits of lowering bad cholesterol and improving heart health is just an added plus.


 The combined added bonuses go beyond a perfect colon health food, the union of the oat bran and Psyllium hull provide an incredible combination of high fiber nutrients that benefit total body wellness. Eliminating the accumulative build up of toxins and waste build up is obviously the main objective in formulating a colon wellness product, but having the nutritional synergy of these special high fiber foods gives us added benefits for weight loss, detoxification of the liver and kidneys, as well as help restore the vitality to the cells of tissue.


5.) FLAX SEED POWDER: This gluten free food is considered by many as the holy grail of high fiber fat friendly foods. The flax seed is rich in the omega 3 fatty acids that are critical for heart and brain health. These beneficial fats are also prized for the benefits they provide in reducing inflammation. And consequently because inflammation is associated to all pain issues, the benefit of reduced pain is also an added blessing.


 It is the ratio of these friendly fats that sets flax seed apart from other high omega foods. The ratio of fats in the standard Western diet is 14 to 25 times more omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. This radical imbalance accounts for more inflammation, inflammatory diseases, heart disease, strokes and cancer. The lower more balanced ratio that flax seed delivers help improve over all health and lower inflammation not just in the colon, but throughout the body.


 This food has been associated with reducing cell proliferation in colorectal cancer victims, and rheumatoid arthritis suffers report an improvement in joint health. Also very impressive are the studies associating these healthy fats in improving the health of persons suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances and pulmonary diseases such as asthma, all attributed to the benefits of having the flax seed in the diet.


 For our colon health the flax seed is also valuable. The benefits to the intestines and the colon is that the bowels are lubricated and the stool moves more freely. The flax seed also has unique fiber that provide bulk to the stools, making them softer and easier to pass through the colon. This special blend of fibers and fats may help prevent everything from sluggish bowel, IBS, hemorrhoids to colon and rectal cancers.


6.)  PRUNE POWDER: The advantages of prunes in the diet are no secret. Our grandmother's and their grandmother's before them knew of the many benefits of the plum, or dried plums, the prunes in our diet for a healthy elimination of the bowels.


 Prunes, and the juice of prunes contain natural mild laxatives including phenolic compounds such as neochorgenic acids, chromogenic acids and sorbitol. Gramma didn't know that, all she knew was that when someone in the family was constipated when she have them eat the prunes or drink the juice of the prune, they were relived of the constipation fairly quickly.


 Perhaps Gramma did know that the prune is very high in dietary fibers that are effective for healthy bowel eliminations. The prune is more than just a food high in natural botanical passive laxatives and dietary fiber. The prune is also a food with high concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And perhaps because of these rich nutrients Gramma saw that the prune was also beneficial as a blood tonic, especially for the women and girls in the family. Historically the prune has also been associated as an excellent liver tonic.


7.) ALOE VERA: The benefits of the aloe go back over 5,000 years. The name aloe vera says much about how the plant was revered. The name is derived from the Latin language meaning plant for aloe, and truth for vera. So the aloe vera simply meant "plant of truth", or the "truth plant", perhaps because of the observed healing and preservative properties of the plant that have been documented historically from ancient times.


 The historical health benefits and many curative claims of the aloe vera plant going back to the 16th century B.C. have filled the imagination of thousands of authors accounting for perhaps millions of pages of books that have been dedicated just to the topic matter of this miracle plant. The oral and topical applications of the aloe vera and the many documented uses as well as the old wives tales are far too numerous to mention here, obviously. We will mention but a few benefits that relate to Complete Colon Health.


 The benefits to the colon however extend benefits to all parts of the body, as with each of the selected foods in this formula. For example, aloe vera has been associated with lowering blood glucose levels, and that is valuable for the millions of people suffering from diabetes. The aloe is also accredited for lower the bad cholesterol, and there are even some very impressive studies indicating that oral consumption of aloe vera powder has been very successful in fighting various cancers. Those studies however were on dogs and horses, but I tend to favor animal and children studies more than controlled human studies because dogs and human babies are not effected by the placebo effect.


 The high level of polysaccharides in aloe vera make it a perfect food for the colon, and restoring health to the digestive system. The aloe vera has been documented to be anti-fungal, as well as effective in fighting germs and bacteria as well as yeast infections. Candida over growth is a serious issue that effects the vast majority of men, women and children, and is an underlining cause to many autoimmune diseases and weakened immune systems. 


 The benefits of helping with ulcerative colitis is also well documented. With over 200 known beneficial plant chemical's (nutrients) found in aloe vera being identified, is it any wonder it is considered a "miracle plant"? Among those plant chemical's are very powerful adaptogens. helping the body to "adapt" or to successfully deal with what ever form of stress it may be exposed to.


 As with all 20 whole food ingredients in the Complete Colon Health formula, we are primarily interested in the benefits to the digestive system, and healthy elimination of toxic fecal matter from the body. And aloe vera powder provides many healthy benefits for the targeted areas of the digestive and eliminative systems of the body. Poor digestion and poor elimination are attributed to the vast majority of diseases one might experience. Unhealthy aging is directly related to poor assimilation of nutrients, and poor elimination of toxins. Therefore having a properly functioning digestive system and elimination system is fundamentally the foundation to optimum health and vitality.


 Aloe Vera is known to sooth and cleanse the digestive tract and improve overall digestion. Adding to that, because aloe vera is an adaptogen plant, it helps with both constipation and diarrhea, helping to regulate your elimination cycles in what ever way the body would best be served.


 People with irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, as well as acid reflux benefit from the aloe vera. This herb/food also is documented to help decrease the amount of unfriendly bacteria in the gut, and increases the populations of healthy intestinal flora bacteria. And what a great companion to the black walnut hulls in that it is an effective vermifuge, meaning it kills intestinal parasites.


 The aloe vera is also valuable in assisting the body, and particularly the intestines, to a healthy alkaline pH. We could simply say that the aloe vera in our Complete Colon Health formula is the bodies disinfectant, anti-biotic, anti-microbial, germicidal, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasitic friend that compliments everything else.


8.) L. ACIDOPHILUS: No colon and digestive wellness formula would be complete without at least an effort to introduce more of the friendly probiotics into the digestive and elimination system. These friendly and beneficial microorganisms help each of us by improving the populations of the indigenous health micro flora that are necessary to fight off bad bacteria and yeast.


 It has only been in recent studies that it was discovered that these friendly microorganisms help produce oxygen at the tissue level that fights off cancer cells, microbial while encouraging a healthy alkaline pH. 


 There are also studies that indicate that L. Acidophilus reduces the symptoms of antibiotic induced diarrhea. The impressive studies showing that L. Acidophilus plays a very effective role in the reduction of nausea, cramping, flatulence, yeast super infections and candida infections are very impressive. Adding to those impressive studies there are the studies that implicate L. Acidophilus as being also effective in assimilating cholesterol, that benefits the serum cholesterol levels.


9.) APPLE PECTIN POWDER: There was a segment of a Dr. Oz Show that made the live and the viewing audience aware of one very important role apple pectin plays in our health. It was part of his "Miracle Diet To Promote Weight Loss" program that rocked the world. And the most incredible benefit of the apple pectin in a diet was how it helped eliminate belly fat.


 Maintaining a healthy digestive system is critical and essential for any weight loss system. Apple pectin is a very valuable and complimentary source of soluble dietary fiber, and can significantlly improve over all digestion. This gentle intestinal regulator is also an anti-diarrhea agent.


 Apple pectin has also shown to be effective on promoting relief from discomforts of ulcers and colitis. Studies have also confirmed that regular consumption of apple pectin may reduce blood cholesterol levels as it acts as an antioxidant against the damaging portion of cholesterol in the blood stream.


 Perhaps one of the most impressive studies shows that apple pectin may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and remove unwanted toxins in the colon. Colonic health in a Complete Colon Healthy capsule!


10.) GLUCOMANNAN POWDER: Glucomannan is a soluble fiber that absorbs several times it's weight in water, and forms a gel in the stomach the gives the feeling of fullness, slowing the gastric emptying and slowing the digestion of fats. This is not merely an important aspect of benefits to the digestive and elimination system, but also as a weight control aid.


 Studies also show that glucomannan is effective in helping the body overcome the ill effects of allergies. And other studies show that glucomannan may have a strong inhibitory effect on lung cancers, tumors and cysts.


 The benefits to the thyroid are very impressive in that the thyroid hormone indicate that those with hyperthyroidism should expect some benefit from glucomannan in the diet.


 As with other herbs chosen for this formula the glucomannan also benefits the body in lowering bad cholesterol levels, and that benefits blood pressure levels.


 Help with type 2 diabetes was demonstrated in a study that kept fasting blood glucose levels stable. In one 90 day study the subjects glucose levels fell by an average 29%.


 Who would imagine that a colon cleanse supplement would have so many positive potentials outside the digestive and eliminative systems of the body?


 Yes, and this formulation also delivers an anti-aging benefit as well. The glucomannan actually tested in one study for 18 months demonstrated delayed cell aging, reductions in arteriosclerosis and brain deteriation substantially.


 There are two other ingredients listed on the ingredients panel, and both of these ingredients are required in the industry to act as preservatives and flow agents. We have chosen the least offensive of the flow agents available, but believe you have a right to know what you are putting in your body.


 MAGNESIUM STEARATE: Magnesium sterate is used in dietary supplements because your body can easily convert it into monounsaturated fat, as found in olive oil, and it does not raise levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood stream. It is a natural lubricant that prevents the other ingredients from clumping together.


 SILICON DIOXIDE: Also known as silica, is a chemical compound that is dioxide of silicon. Silica is a common additive in the production of foods and food supplements as a flow agent. It is the primary component of diatomaceous earth.


Although the Complete Colon Health formulation is not intended to cure, treat, mediate or prevent any symptomatic disease, it clearly is a food supplement that will do no harm when used according to the responsible instructions, unless otherwise instructed by your personal doctor to adjust the dosage.


 Although there were no ill effects experienced by those using this formula, does not mean that you might not experience some uncomfortable cleansing sensations. To minimize the risk of uncomfortable cleansing sensations it is recommended that you drink adequate amounts of water, recommended 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight. Also daily exercise is recommended, a minimum of 30 minutes vigorous walking. A diet consisting of 80% organic plant based foods is highly recommended, and making your daily food consumption into 5 to 6 small meals have proven very effective for many people to obtain higher levels of wellness and improve the digestive and eliminative processes of the body.


 If you experience what you believe to be too rapid a cleansing, these suggestions may benefit you. Do not discontinue your use of the Complete Colon Health, simply increase the healthy daily lifestyle changes to help you achieve your optimum level of wellness, and elimination of stored toxins.


 1.) Drink more water, or add the Malungaay leaf tea to your diet drinking 2-4 cups per day of Malungaay leaf tea, and up to one half your body weight in ounces of water daily. If you weigh 100 pounds, drink 50 ounces of purified water. Add one up to one tablespoon of organic coconut oil to your first hot beverage of the day, organic tea or organic coffee in enhanced with the coconut oil.


2.) Take a walk, walk briskly for as long as you feel comfortable, with a minimum 30 minutes as your goal. The skin is the largest eliminative organ of the body, expose as much of it to sunshine as possible, without sunscreens, and exercise until you sweat.


 3.) Eliminate as many processed sugars and processed foods from the diet as possible. Processed sugars, artificial sweeteners and processed table salt are the very worst abused toxins in our diets that contribute to the most diseases including cancers and heart problems.


4.) If possible, treat yourself to a body massage as frequently as possible. Again, the skin is the largest eliminative organ of the body, your lymphatic system, your immune system and your stress issues will be enhanced with total body massage and organic coconut oil will provide a healthier massage.


5.) Eat raw fruit daily, raw organic fruit is the perfect morning food for energy. banana 30 minutes before bed is healthy for the bowels and for a better sleep. High fiber raw foods will benefit more than your colon health.


6.) Elevate your knees above the hips when having a bowel movement. As I mention in the "Save Money On Toilet Paper..." book, the modern designed high rise toilets are a leading cause of many health issues, particularly bowel health. Getting as close to the "squat position" will be of incredible benefit to your eliminations and your colon health.


 Disclaimer: Complete Colon Health is a dietary supplement designed to compliment your elimination habits. This supplement is not intended to treat, mitigate, medicate, cure or prevent any disease.


 Complete Colon Health is simply a food supplement intended to compliment a healthy active and dietary lifestyle. If you have any concerns about the consumption of the Complete Colon Health please share the product and this general information panel with your doctor and solicit his or her opinion regarding if Complete Colon Health will be beneficial for you.


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