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Lucky Pendant

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My Lucky Pendant
This beautiful necklace is adorned with a flower-design pendant with colors -red, green, yellow, blue etc.  Choose your color to attract good luck, charm, and positive energy. Wear and it and see how it works.

This beautiful necklace is also enhanced with our proprietary 3-6-9 Scalar Energy for better focus, balance, good mood and over all wellbeing.  Choose the lucky  color for your date of birth.
1.  For persons born on birth date 1,10,19 and 28. Numerology 1. The ideal color would be *Orange, Yellow, and Gold. Shades of orange, yellow are the most lucky color for you. These colors attributes to your success and energy and amplifies you nature, which is bold, courageous, honest, and daring. However, they should avoid colors like black and maroon.

Best Color: Orange, Yellow, Shades of Yellow, Gold

2.  Person born on birth date 2,11, 20 and 29, Numero, logy 2 has the lucky color as Green. Light green is extremely beneficial to them and does them a sea of good. They can opt for shades of green from light to dark. Even yellow is preferable, silver and creamy yellow color are also compatible for 2 born people. The colors they should avoid is red,black and any extreme dark colors.

Best Color: Light green, shades of green, Silver, creamy yellow

3. Lucky color for Birth date 3,12,21, and 30. Numerolgy 3. This birth date  of communication and generosity in numerology has the most ideal color has *orange and pink. *All shades of red color are good for 3 borns. The best color for a 3 born is lotus pink, which is the ideal color for them. Violet, yellow, red, are also good for them. Black, dark blue, and dark green are the color they should avoid. 

Best Color: Pink, Lotus Pink, Orange, Shades of red color, violet, yellow

4. Lucky color for Birth date 4,13,22, and 31. Numerology 4. The political and social birthdate of numerology has the lucky color of *blue*. Light blue to any blue color is the most ideal and lucky color for 4 borns. They love blue color. As the 4 borns have a clean heart, they admire a clean sky like blue color. They should avoid black color. All other colors are neutral for them.

Best Color: Shades of Blue, Sky Blue

5. Lucky color for Birth date 5,14 and 23. Numerology 5. The mercurial and magnetic birth date of numerology has the lucky color as *Grey*. Grey is the color that can bring the ultimate success to them. They can also wear any light shades of color. They should strictly refrain from using colors like black and dark green.

Best Color: Grey and light shaded colors

6. Lucky color for Birth Date 6,15, and 24.  Numerology 6.  The beauty and artistic birth date of numerology has the ideal color has dark green and dark blue. Red and other shades of blue are also lucky for them. Their worst colors are white, yellow and rose.

Best Color: Dark Green, Dark Blue,Red

7. Lucky color for Birth date 7,16 and 25. Numerology 7.  The spiritual birth of numerology loves white color, although they are fascinated by white color.Light green,light yellow and light blue are the most lucky and best colors for numerology 7  They
should avoid wearing dark colored clothes especially black and red.

Best Color: Light green, Light blue and light yellow.

8. Lucky color for Birth date 8,17 and 26. Numerology-8. The mystic birth date of numerology has the ideal color has *Yellow*. Yellow is the color, which can give them confidence and success at any stage. They should try to wear yellow color dress on important occasions and during with friends. Dark green  and dark blue can also do good to them. But yellow is the best color for them. They should avoid using black, and red color which brings failure and problems to them. Even though they get attracted to black, they should avoid it.

Best Color: Yellow

9. Lucky color for Birth date 9,18 and 27. Numerology-9.  The magical birth date of numerology has the lucky and best color has *red*. Red is the ideal and best color for the martians. They should try to use red where ever its possible. Blood red and crimson red are the most luckiest for them. All shades of red color are lucky to them. They should avoid white color and lighter color shades.

Best Color: Red

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