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O-zone Air Purifier

Price: $999.00

What is Activated Oxygen aka 0 aka Ozone?

Ozone is a form of oxygen that has 3 atoms per molecule (03) rather than 2 atoms found in normal oxygen (02). It is one of the most powerful, natural disinfectants and oxidants, that purifies our air and water, helping to destroy viruses, bacteria, odors and other pollutants found in the air. Without ozone, nature could not purify our earth. Remember that fresh sweet smell after a thunderstorm? Well, that’s ozone! During a thunderstorm or when ultra violet rays reach the earth, normal oxygen (02) is converted to ozone (03), and is also known as “activated oxygen”. When this electrical charge occurs, ozone works like a scrub brush, serving as a natural air purifier that cleans and decontaminates the air of natural pollutants. Since ozone is heavier than oxygen, it naturally falls back to the earth, bringing the pollutants with it. After a short while, the ozone reverts back to normal oxygen and the cycle starts all over again.

It makes sense then that the word “ozone” is derived from the Greek word “ozein”, which means, “to smell”.

So, why does ozone get a bad rap?

The ozone we hear about on the news needs an explanation. Let’s talk about the different ways ozone is created and where.  We’ve all heard about the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere of the earth. This ozone layer contains the highest concentration of ozone and has an important biological function. It affects the ecosystem of the oceans and protects humans and animals from the harmful UV-B rays of the sun. When this protective layer is reduced or depleted, it has dramatic consequences on life. Imagine the ozone layer as the earth’s protective umbrella, helping to keep the radiation levels of ultra-violet light (UV) from the sun down to a minimum, thus reducing the risk of skin cancer and other harmful effects of radiation.  In the lower atmosphere, ozone develops  when pollutants react chemically in the presence of sunlight.. What is commonly called “ozone” in referring to the ground level air quality is really a mixture of various toxic hydrocarbons, not ozone. The kind of ozone we’re talking about is the ozone that is created from an electrical charge made by lightning strikes during thunderstorms.

Can we live without ozone?

If nature didn’t produce ozone, there would be no life on Earth. Nature is designed to keep the outdoors clean and healthy.

What about the air indoors?

Because the buildings we live and work in are designed so well to keep the elements of nature out, there is normally very little ozone in our indoor spaces where we spend nearly all of our time. Studies have shown that being indoors can actually be more unhealthy than being outdoors because of all the man-made chemicals we live with.

Can ozone be used indoors?

Yes. Since ozone can break down outdoor airborne contaminants, ozone is able to break down a wide variety of indoor pollutants, called “particulates”, which are very small solid or liquid substances that are light enough to float suspended in air like perfumes, food smells, cigarette and cigar smoke, even dirty socks and animal odors, insect allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds and other airborne particulates. You can see these particulates floating in the air when a ray of sunshine enters a window.

Can the benefits of ozone be utilized for human use?

Yes. Using an ozone generating, air purifying unit, natural ozone (activated oxygen) has been electrically replicated to simulate the effects of lightning and ultra violet light that disinfects your environment of pollutants. You may not know this, but ozone is injected in nearly all bottled waters for purification and is widely used in Europe for treating municipal water supplies and even in food packaging. Since ozone can be utilized for cleaning nearly all air environments on some level or another, the issue is not whether to use ozone, but to make sure that ozone is used in a manner that is both safe and effective indoors.

About our O-zone Platinum Air Purifier and Sterilizer

Our O-zone Platinum Air Purifier and Sterilzer combines the best and most modern technologies available today to cleanse the air of 99.9% of all airborne pollutants. Not just a filter...not simply a's the best of both worlds.

Pollutants and odors have no chance against our O-zone Platinum’s what they’re up against:

  1. Dirt, Dust & Debris Pre-Filter: This initial stage traps large particles such as dirt, dust and debris.
  2. Hospital Grade HEPA Filter: With a filtration rate of 99.7%, it can capture microorganisms, bacteria, mold and viruses below 0.3 microscopic particles. Washable. UV2 Ultraviolet Cartridge
  3. Mimics the Sun’s sanitization properties.
  4. Artificial UV energy has proven to be 1,600 times more effective than the sterilization effect of the sun in killing viruses and bacteria, mold, spores, mildew bacteria and other airborne antigens and pathogens.
  5. Photo-Catalytic Filter: The Photo-Catalytic Filter oxidizes toxic fumes and decomposes odorous substances into odorless carbon dioxide and water. Removes airborne bacteria and deactivates viruses.
  6. Activated Oxygen (O3) (Purify): Oxidizes airborne particulates such as perfumes, food smells and cigarette smoke. Converts these pollutants to O2 (pure oxygen).
  7. Negative Ions (Anion): Produces negatively charged electrical particles that attach themselves to particulates in the air (positive ions), rendering them heavy enough to fall to the ground and out of the air we breathe.

Product Features:

  • Filtration and Purification Features...not reliant on one process
  • Five Speed Fan
  • Compact yet larger than a bookshelf sized audio speaker
  • Room size selection...five level adjustable purifier (activated oxygen)
  • Control tailors output up to 3,000 square feet of coverage
  • Easy to read LCD panel
  • Manual Control and Remote Control
  • Digital Clock
  • Digital Timer Function
  • Safety Switch (disables unit unless filters are properly installed)
  • Uses standard household current
  • Attractive Wood Grain Finish
  • Washable and Replaceable Dirt, Dust & Debris Pre-Filter
  • Washable and Replaceable Hospital Grade HEPA Filter
  • Washable and Replaceable O3 Purification Plate
  • Washable and Replaceable Photo-Catalytic Filter
  • Replaceable UV Ultraviolet Cartridge
  • “Sleep” Mode dims the bright LCD panel to a minimum level allowing a good night’s sleep. Also disables O3 output.

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