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Ametrine Bracelet

Price: $27.00
Ametrine Bracelet
Ametrine is said to have the properties of both amethyst and citrine combined. Ametrine is known to strengthens the nerves, promotes the supply of oxygen to the body and helps to encourage the healing process after a serious illness. The gem will stimulate the activity of the brain and enhance the wearer's emotion life and creativity. I combats the hardening of the arteries as well as dementia, deafness and eye complaints. Worn about the neck, near the thyroid glad, it can reduce trembling, sweating and bushing.         

An ametrine may help to remove toxins from the body. It may also be beneficial in lessening or alleviating some of  the symptoms of physical illness. Your body may be less achy from fever, and your head less miserable with congestion if you are carrying an  Ametrine while sick. The gem may improve immunity and assist the body in absorbing oxygen.

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