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Youthful Vitalizing Water

Price: $28.00
Vitalizing Water

As we grow older, the neergy in our body is weakened by such factors as wrong food choices, physical and psychologialc stress or the unseen electroagnetic frequencies and radiation from the hi-tech gadgests and devices taht are all around us.  To have more energy, and expressed energy is a signal that the body is vibrant and healthier, we need to recognize that elevating the body cellular frequencies to 70 to 90 millivolts would be our ultimate achievment.  The natural orrurring trace elements along with the proprietary 3-6-9 scalar energy ensures that the concentrated water drops are made more bio-available as the energies restructure the liquid molicules to their very smallest possible molecular portion (nano-technology).  These positive energies and affirmations' of love energy are passed on to the liquid medium they are put into, and ultimately the medium of our bodies.

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